Task 57
Task 57
SHC Task 57

Solar Standards and Certification

Solar Standards and Certification

The scope of the task is test procedures, standardization and certification at international level of solar thermal systems and components.

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Task Information

January 2016December 2018

Mr. Jan Erik Nielsen

What's New
  • On-site collector testing: new standard in development - Once a large solar field is set up at its designated location, what tests can be conducted to show that it performs as expected? Soon, the IEA Solar Heating & Cooling Programme may have an answer to this question, as it is working on internationalising Denmark’s testing procedure. (Posted: 2018-06-06)
  • Global certification saves money and time - To enter new markets, solar thermal collector manufacturers need to have their products tested and certified as meeting local standards. Thanks to GSCN, the Global Solar Certification Network, they can complete several certification processes with only one test cycle. “A collector manufacturer can save a lot of time and money because its collector test report from one region will be accepted to receive a certificate in another region,” GSCN Manager Jan Erik Nielsen from Denmark said in an interview with solarthermalworld.org. (Posted: 2018-01-18)
  • Global Solar Certification Network: Facilitating International High-Quality Collector Trade - The recent approval of Working Rules means that the Global Solar Certification Network (GSCN) can now accept membership applications. The reuse of test and inspection reports in different certification schemes will be possible at the beginning of 2017. (Posted: 2016-11-29)