Task 57
Task 57
SHC Task 57

Solar Standards and Certification

Solar Standards and Certification

Harmonizing - at international level - testing standards and certification schemes makes it possible to:

  • save very significant resources for product testing and certification
  • increase product quality

We have international standards for testing of solar thermal systems and components. The tasks/challenges are here:

  • continuous updating and adaption to new technology, products and requirements
  • promoting use of the standards

We have some well-established national/regional certification schemes. The tasks/challenges are here:

  • harmonizing existing certification schemes
  • establish new certification schemes where needed

Task 57 is Supporting Harmonized Standardization and Certification.

The Global Solar Certification Network has been implemented and is now in operation making it possible to avoid re-testing and re-inspection.

ISO standards have been promoted and new standard proposals are presented.

You will find detailed guidelines for the use of the new collector standard and basic guidance in establishing new certification schemes (at different levels).

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Mr. Jan Erik Nielsen