The deliverables, allocated to the three Subtasks, will be:

Subtask A

  • D-A1.Agendas and meeting reports from GSCN plenary meetings (twice a year) and board meetings (4 times per year)
  • D-A2.Improved GSCN working rules
  • D-A3.Accessed and approved members of the GSCN
  • D-A4.Test and/or inspection reports re-used by other certification bodies
  • D-A5.GSCN website, input to GSCN leaflets / brochures / presentations

Subtask B

  • D-B1.Draft proposal for test procedures for accelerated ageing test of flat plate collectors and evacuated tubular collectors
  • D-B2.Draft proposal for test procedures for structural testing of collector and supporting supporting structures
  • D-B3.Recommendations related to test procedures for building envelope integrated collectors and systems
  • D-B4.Recommendations related to test procedures for e.g. system reliability and safety; new systems types / other applications
  • D-B5.Draft definitions for environmental extreme conditions

Subtask C

  • D-C1.Guidelines on ISO 9806
  • D-C2.Papers and presentations at national and international conferences and workshops.
  • D-C3.Update of Task 43 questionnaire/analysis with indication of interest in use of international standards.
  • D-C4.Model certification schemes – “high level” and “medium level”