Subtask A: Kick-off operation of the Global Solar Certification Network (GSCN)

Subtask A will support the operation of the Global Solar Certification Network:

  1. Management; incl. organising plenary and board meetings (physical & web meetings) – and managing the operation of the GSCN working groups: QAC; CBs; TLs
  2. Further improvement of the GSCN working rules and annexes
  3. Acquisition and assessment of new GSCN members (e.g. check if the agreed requirements for participation are fulfilled)
  4. Give assistance to manufacturers with respect to the mutual recognition of test reports and inspection reports
  5. Maintain GSCN website and provide input/assistance for subtask C with regard to promotion of GSCN.

Subtask B: Improvement of test procedures – support and input to ISO

Teams will be formed with the aim of coming up with specific proposals for new and improved test procedures — and with the aim of starting already within the task period several new "ISO work items" for revisions of existing standards and for completely new standards.

  1. Accelerated ageing test of flat plate collectors and evacuated tubular collectors – and collector components and materials
  2. Mechanical load testing of collectors and supporting structures
  3. Building envelope integrated collectors and systems
  4. Other issues, e.g. test procedures for system reliability and safety, test procedures for systems for other applications: desalination, drying, disinfection
  5. Defining/discussing extreme conditions

Subtask C: Promotion and capacity building with respect to ISO standards and state-of-the-art certification schemes

The ISO standards for solar thermal products are becoming increasing popular throughout the globe; but still some countries stick to old national standards or even make new national standards. This subtask will work to convince stakeholders in such countries that the ISO standards are very well proven and useful – and give guidance for implementation:

  1. Guidelines how to understand and use the ISO 9806 standard (update QAiST ISO 9806 guide)
  2. Participating in national and international conferences promoting ISO standards (new ISO 9806 will presented in relevant conferences and industry associations will present at national events and through other channels)
  3. Elaborate at least two model certification schemes, one corresponding to the level required for participation in the Global Solar Certification Network (GSCN) – and one with a lower level of requirements fitted for countries regions without a very sophisticated certification and testing infrastructure